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Case Mapper

Case Mapper is designed to enable cognitive scientists to experiment with computational models of structure-mapping. It provides a simple GUI and HTML browser that enables you run the Structure Mapping Engine to do analogical matching, and MAC/FAC to do analogical retrieval. It comes with two knowledge bases:

You can extend either of these knowledge bases with your own materials, using is there as a starting point and, since it is independently derived, reduced tailorability. If you want to run SME or MAC/FAC from your own software, there is also a built-in socket-based KQML server.

Case Mapper is currently in beta, so we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please report bugs to case-mapper-bugs and other feedback to case-mapper-suggestions, both @ cs dot northwestern dot edu.

Downloads (v7.09)

Installers [9/19/2020]

The above link will take you to the form required to download the Case Mapper installers.
Case Mapper is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac (via VirtualBox).

User Manual (1.6 MB) [8/9/2017]

Installation Instructions (0.2 MB) [9/11/2020]

test-client.lsp (4 KB) [7/15/2013]

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