Getting Started

There are a number of ways to start using a Self-Explanatory Simulator. Right now, the recommended way is to download the Windows 95 or Windows NT executables. The next best method is to download the standard (multi-platform) distribution. This can then be run either through a Java VM such as Microsoft's jview viewer. It is also possible (but not as fast) to run the online applets within your web browser.

For all of the above options you will need a Java VM (Virtual Machine). The Java VMs are closely tied to web browsers so please refer to the following notes to determine the compatibility of self-explanatory simulators with your system. If you have installed a given web browser then you already have that browser's VM.

Recommended VM's

If you are using:
You should have no problems.

If you are using:
You may have some difficulties ranging in severity from interface elements not appearing properly to VM's that fail to load the simulation.

If you do not have a compatible browser, the easiest thing to do is to download and install one of them on your computer. They can be found at:

If you choose to download the distribution you can start the simulation by loading the html files into your web browser.

If you are using the Windows version, you can simply run the executable (*.exe) files.

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