CyclePad is the first articulate virtual laboratory the Qualitative Reasoning Group has implemented. CyclePad enables students to construct and analyze a wide variety of thermodynamic cycles. A hypertext explanation facility provides the student with access to the chain of reasoning underlying the derivation of each value. CyclePad is currently being field-tested in undergraduate engineering classes at Northwestern University, The U.S. Naval Academy, and Oxford University. (CyclePad & Engineering Education)

Overview of CyclePad

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Platform requirements:

This software runs best under Windows 95 or Windows NT. It will also operate under Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups, if you have Microsoft Win32s extensions, version 1.30 or higher. (click here for current Microsoft Win32s web information). CyclePad requires a minimum of 12MB RAM but works better with 16MB RAM or more. CyclePad requires approximately 10MB of disk space.

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Overview of CyclePad Application

For students using CyclePad, download an example file to load into CyclePad
Simple Refrigerator Example File
Simple Heat-Engine Example File

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