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While we are no longer actively studying the use of CyclePad in the classroom, we would be interested in hearing from you about how you are using it. Please send comments to Ken Forbus: .Below are some of the materials developed by our collaborators over the years, for your educational use. Enjoy.

Design Activities

Cases to browse

Design library

Problem Sets

We have modified some problems from Cengel & Boles Thermodynamics textbook to incorporate Cyclepad.


To help students solve basic problems we have written a self-guided tutorial.

Literature and Humor

Yes, thermodynamics in literature and humor: (send other citations to


Members of the CyclePad mailing list will receive notification of new CyclePad releases and other information relevant to the CyclePad Project. The mailing list will also enable CyclePad users to exchange information, tips, etc. If you would like to join the Cyclepad mailing list please send an .

Other educational resources

General thermodynamics sites

Educational sites

If you have other links you would like to add, please email us at .

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